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  • What is coaching?
    The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. At Rooted, we believe that individuals are creative, resourceful, and possess the solutions within them to reach their full potential. As a coach, our role is to facilitate self-discovery through powerful questioning; to elicit solutions and desired actions through dialogue; and to hold the client responsible and accountable throughout the coaching journey.
  • How is coaching different from counseling?
    Coaching Coaching focuses on you and your life right NOW and on moving forward toward well-formed outcomes. The client discovers their own solutions and formulates their own outcomes based on a discovery and planning process facilitated by the coach. Counseling Therapists and counselors focus on the childhood or past experiences that might be the root of the way a person lives or feels. The goal is to understand and integrate these past experiences to live more fully and emotionally balanced in the present. Coaching and counseling utilize overlapping techniques and can draw from the same bodies of theory. Counseling is a beneficial service for many and can complement work with a coach. If you are currently engaged in counseling or choose to seek counseling during the coaching journey, it is recommended you share this with your coach.
  • Where are coaching sessions held?
    Coaching can be held in-person or virtually (phone, Skype, Zoom, etc). Rooted's in-person options are limited to the greater Kalamazoo area in southwest Michigan. Virtual coaching is available for all others. Request a discovery session today!
  • How much does it cost for coaching sessions?
    All new clients receive a FREE 30 minute discovery session. In this session, you learn more about the coaching process and about your coach to determine if coaching and the coach/client relationship is a fit. If you choose to continue, you work with your coach to plan out a schedule. Rooted offers a New Client Program which includes 7 sessions for $560. It is essential that the client and coach build a strong foundation of trust for the coaching relationship to thrive. This is why the entry point to Rooted is a New Client Package. Thereafter, individual sessions are available for existing clients at $85 for 50 minutes. Pricing can be adjusted if an individual books a number of sessions. More information can be provided regarding discounts. More information about our packages can be found HERE!
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