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Rooted Consulting Services

Rooted utilizes a coach approach with businesses and organizations to activate their strengths and build capacity leading to higher employee and customer satisfaction.  Services are tailored and can be bundled according to the needs and goals of the business.


Empower your employees and teams to reach their highest potential.

Workshops &Training

Support your team with engaging and valuable professional development.


Enhance and strengthen your organization's impact now and into the future.

Workshops & Training

Support your team with engaging and valuable professional development.  

Workshops and training are tailored specifically for your unique needs and goals.  Make it a light lunch 'n' learn or an intensive two day workshop.  Rooted is ready to provide you quality facilitation to support your team.  Rooted's topics range from team building to management capacity building to running 101.  


Coaching & Communication

Building a Coaching Culture

Coaching for Managers & Supervisors

Providing Effective Feedback

Managing Conflict


Overcoming Procrastination & Managing Your Time

Holding Effective Meetings

Overall Wellness

Meditation & Mindfulness 101

Managing Stress

Running 101

Volunteer in Kalamazoo

Workshops & Training

Empower your employees and teams to reach their highest potential.

Coaching is a strengths-based process that supports your individual employees and teams to perform at their highest level.  Rooted provides individual and group coaching for businesses and organizations.  Coaching individuals and groups not only develops the leadership capacity within your organization but leads to happier, healthier employees who feel valued in their role.  


Individuals and teams are better able to manage change.

Individuals and teams enhance their communication skills.

Individuals increase their leadership capacity.

The overall culture of the business is strengthened or even re-established.

Employee retention and satisfaction increases within the business and outside of the business.

Mental and emotional health are prioritized deepening a sense of being valued by the business.


Enhance and strengthen your organization now and into the future.

Consulting is very particular and, when done correctly, is deeply impactful.  Utilize Rooted to help facilitate your next strategic retreat or to coordinate the hiring of your next executive leader.   Rooted takes time to get to know your needs, assess if our services are the right fit, and completes the project in a manner designed by you.



Strategic Retreat Planning & Facilitation

Executive or Key Staff Search & On-Boarding

Board Development

Nonprofit Startup Support

Event Planning

Funding Diversification 


Pricing varies on a project basis.  All projects are co-created with the client.  Project proposals are developed based on unique needs of the client.

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